Not just any garlic....more than 40 varieties of hardneck garlic, many heirlooms that originated from all around the world and found their way to America in steamer trunks, suit cases and jacket pockets of immigrants.  Why?  Great flavors, prolific growth habits, cold hardiness or maybe just because its GARLIC!

Salad Greens & Veggies

FRESH, CRISP and DELICIOUS!  We specialize in year-round salad greens including our signature lettuce mix, spinach, arugula, kale & chard.  Additionally we emphasize early season heirloom & cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers so that you can enjoy your favorite tastes of summer a little sooner.

Herbs & Teas

Sami's culinary herbs (fresh & dried) and herbal tea blends that include Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Minty Lemon, Minty Apple, Nature, Lemon Anise, Spring, Fall Spice , Summertime, and other unique blends depending on the season and bounty of the harvest.

Farmstand 365

It's not big or fancy but it is OPEN EVERY DAY.....because you want it FRESH and you want it when its convenient for YOU.  We only sell what we grow so you won't find bread, mushrooms, apples, or kombucha....just the freshest LOCAL produce anywhere in the Lehigh Valley.  Open daily from 10am-7pm and located on the farm at 19 Smith St, Mertztown PA  19539.

How We Grow

Are you Organic?  This is usually the first question we are asked.  Important question for those that care deeply about how they nourish their families.  A question that is no longer easily answered.  We grow sustainably and only use products approved by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) but we ARE NOT "Organic." Why?  Because it really doesn't mean anything to us and it shouldn't to you either.   Here's one example why:  We have an expectation that in order to be "organic" food needs to be grown in actual soil.  Seems logical right?  Until you learn that "USDA Organic" allows for hydroponic produce (no soil.)  Maybe not so logical after all.  What's the most important thing I can tell you about how we grow?  We nourish our family with the same produce grown on our farm.  There is nothing more meaningful we can say than that.  And the best advice we can give:  Know YOUR farmer and cultivate a relationship with them.